The Barn/La Grange, our project

Come to Aveyron, walk along its mysterious paths,
discover its hilly secrets and its welcoming diversity.
But first of all, if you have time,
let us tell you about our project concerning an old barn
we have inherited from our family in a small village in Aveyron,
which has now become a pied-à-terre for anybody wishing to visit the Aveyron area.

Pièce de vie - vue d'ensemble
Salle à manger
Facade vue de côté

Elderly villagers, who still have very clear childhood memories, say that at this place was the passage leading to the church of Comps. They also remember a pear tree had been planted there. They think about its smell and aroma with nostalgia and talk about old stories

After World War II, my grandfather decided to have a farm built in this place. In the basement was the stable, and its ruins can still be seen, if you look carefully. On the ground floor he built a barn (grange in French) which has now given its name to the whole building, to store hay. The wooden frame, still in use today, is a proof of its first use.

So the “grange” was built in the centre of the village and was used until the 80's when bigger and more modern installations on the outskirts gradually compelled it to cease its activities. Little by little the grange was abandoned and forgotten, maybe also with a certain indifference. It became a place out of time, a multifunction space, something between an abandoned building, a warehouse and a playground for the bravest scamps of the village.

The grange is in the centre of the village, close to the church and the grocery store. We took it over in 2009 with the idea to change it into a comfortable furnished accommodation. Hence cows and horses are no longer our tenants in the grange.... which is no longer for animals, but for all those (including human beings) who wish to discover the Aveyron area.

We have tried to change the grange into something practical, nice and comfortable. We did not want it to become a dorm, but rather a viewpoint over this beautiful region. We wanted it to be comfortable for a well-deserved rest and a convenient and strategic starting point for paths of Rouergue. Your holidays, surely too short, will be unforgettable with all the activities you will discover in the area.

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